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HeavyMart helps connect Asian buyers and sellers of heavy machines, with a focus in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam & Thailand.
"Asia's #1 Heavy Machinery Marketplace"
Everyday, thousands of businesses in Asia turn to the Internet to source for equipments. Excavators, forklifts, dozers, boom lifts, you name it..
390 searches for "excavators for sale" in September 2017
From Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Vietnam. Source: Google
410 searches for "used forklift" in September 2017
From Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Vietnam. Source: Google
280 searches for "boom lifts for sale" in September 2017
From Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Vietnam. Source: Google
... and the numbers are increasing at a fast rate!
HeavyMart gives you wider exposure, more leads, and more businesses.
You: You are a dealer or have used heavy equipments to sell.
We: We help you clear your inventory faster by giving you more exposure to Asian buyers when you post a listing.
How It Works
Step 1: Someone performs a search on Google..
Step 2: .. and lands on HeavyMart
Step 3: He sees your listing and decides to call/email you. Congratulations, you've got a new lead!
Don't lose out to the competition.
Grab your share of the surging Asian wide customers now!

Frequently Asked Questions

According to our audited server data, over the past 3 months, i.e. Apr '18 to Jun '18, had a total of 2172 unique visitors from Singapore, Malaysia, China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Australia, Philippines and more. These visitors are looking to purchase or import some equipments from Singapore and had sent messages or called our sellers directly. You too can leverage on HeavyMart's platform to sell your items faster to a wider reach of buyers.

Data from our server shows that the top ten countries of visitors over the past 3 months originate from: Singapore, China, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, United States, Sri Lanka, Unknown.

How long it takes to sell your item depends largely on the demand (locally and in the region) for the item, the attractiveness of your offer, the description and photographs of your item, how responsive you are to enquiries, amongst other factors. Therefore, we are unable to give you a concrete answer. We do what we can best to help you reach out your item to more buyers. Results have shown that sellers who list the selling price and provide more photos of their machines tend to receive higher enquiry rate, leading to higher sales rate.

The listing fee per item is based on the following:
Item price < S$9,999: S$50 until sold
Item price S$10,000 - S$19,999: S$85 until sold
Item price S$20,000 - S$79,999: S$140 until sold
Item price S$80,000 > : S$250 until sold

New sellers are eligible for a first 10 listings free with no risk and no strings attached.

When you create a listing, you have the option to set your price label as "negotiable", "guide price" or "starting from".

This will give buyers a better idea of your expectation. While you can choose not to put any price, we highly advise against that as buyers may not feel your sincere motivation to sell and may choose to contact other sellers instead. Therefore to foster sincerity, listing a price is highly encouraged. If you are unsure of what the market rate for your item is, please contact us and we will give you an estimate.

Congratulations! When you have sold your item, please Login, then click Manage Ads, locate the item and select "Delete This".

The ten (10) free listings are limited to one (1) account per company/organisation.

Our development team and customer service team are located at 114 Lavender Street #09-57F, CT Hub 2, Singapore 338729. To speak to us, please contact +65 6750 4503 (Mon-Sat 9am-6pm) or email