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REQUESTED 1+ weeks ago
Want to Buy 1 x Kobelco RK100 Crane, 1 x Tadano TG200 Crane, 1 x Kato KE1200 earth drill

We want to buy 1 unit of Kobelco RK100, 1 unit of Tadano TG200, and 1 unit of Kato KE1200. Please quote single item or all CIF port HCM (Ho Chi Minh)

  Accepting offers till August 23, 2019 GMT +8
Requested by:
Vietnam Construction Machine Development JSC (Based in Vietnam)
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REQUESTED 2 weeks ago
Want to Buy Kobelco RK700 All Terrain Crane

We want to buy 1 unit of Kobelco RK700 (or Japanese brand in equivalent specs) all terrain crane. Please quote CIF port Victoria, Seychelles.

  Accepting offers till August 29, 2019 GMT +8
Requested by:
Roland d'Offay
United Concrete Products Seychelles (Based in Seychelles)
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